About Us

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We are a new company with an old history, formed to provide organic pecans and other natural and organic products to local and national markets.

Located in Peach County in the middle of Georgia’s fertile peach and pecan region, Cleveland Organics’ beautiful orchards produce the high quality, superior pecan that this area is famous for. David and Tom Cleveland are third and fourth generation farmers who have both the experience and resources available to grow a quality organic pecan, harvest it, shell it, and offer it here to organic markets, restaurants, resellers and consumers.

We have been growing and selling pecans for 50 years. We began shelling our first ‘naturally grown’ pecans with the 2010 season. The transition from our conventional orchards began in September 2009 when we ceased applying all herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and conventional fertilizers on our Elliot and Sumner varieties of pecans. As of October 2012, our pecans are USDA Certified organic.

We hope you enjoy our natural pecans as part of your healthy lifestyle!

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